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rita sargo female bodybuilder biography

I have always been interested in sports & dance! When I was very young, I used to look at Miss Fitness America and dreamed to become such an athlete. I was very impressed. I loved the looks and physical abilities those ladies displayed. My mother says that I would imitate ballet dancers when I saw them on tv. I don't remember it, because it's looooong ago.

At 15 I had my first weight training workout. It was then that I started giving aerobics lessons at my school. Later, after several workshops and conventions in dance and aerobics, I decided to be a certified instructor. At the age of 19 I graduated from fitness school, after a study of 2 years.

But I didn't stop there: each year I continued to extend my knowledge, made several courses, such as Personal Training, Pro Dance Academy, Les Mils training systems, Zumba, spinning, poledance, nutrition, ayurveda, yoga and so on...

In 2006 I moved to Holland and worked partially in gym. I decided to invest in learning even more about fitness and bodybuilding. I contacted a pro bodybuilder to help me do my first show.

Soooooo.... in 2007 I did my first show. I was really happy to be on stage. After that my passion for this lifestyle started growing inside me. The seed was planted and I kept going. Due to my genetics I gained muscle easily and I became in love with muscle building in a balanced way.

I now enjoy living the bodybuilding lifestyle and helping other people reaching their goals in fitness. I always try to better myself. The sculpture is never finished; there is always room for improvement. So I keep on going with love and dedication for the sport.

People sometimes ask me whats the most important thing they can do to reach their goals, that my friend is called DECISION. Make your decision and with God's help nothing can stop you!

For personal training or nutritional advice services email me. I sincerly wish you to acomplish your goals and thank you for supporting me by joining the site :)
























rita sargo muscle stats

Height: 5'6"
Weight: 77kg/170 lbs (off season), 69kg/152 lbs (comp.)
Hair: Long Brown/Blonde
Eyes : Brown
Neck : 40cm / 16 inches
Biceps : 38cm / 15 inches
Forearms : 31cm / 12 inches
Chest : 104cm / 41 inches
Waist : 80cm / 31 inches
Hips : 106cm / 42 inches
Thighs : 65cm / 26 inches
Calves : 42cm / 16inches

rita sargo bodybuilding competitions
IFBB Dutch GrandPrix - 1st - bodybuilding

IFBB Juliette Bergmann Classic - 2nd - bodybuilding
IFBB Dutch GrandPrix - 1st - bodybuilding
IFBB Oslo GrandPrix - 5th - bodybuilding
IFBB NK (Dutch Nationals) - 2nd - bodybuilding

IFBB NK (Dutch Nationals) - 1st - bodybuilding

IFBB Dutch Grand Prix - 5th - Bodybuilding
IFBB Atlas cup - 1st -Bodybuilding
IFBB Hercules 2009 - 2nd -Bodybuilding
IFBB Juliette Bergman cup 2009 - 2nd - Bodybuilding

NAC UNIVERSE 2008 - 6th - Miss Fitness
NAC Holland 2008 - 1st -figure -A
NAC Holland 2008 - 1s -figure - C
wabba world 2008 - 4th - fitness
wabba european 2008 - 6th - fitness
wabba portugal 2008 - 1st -fitness

wabba world championship 2007- 7th place - fitness
Latin cup 2007 - 1st - shape
Benelux Finals - 2nd - fitness
wabba european 2007 - 10th shape
wabba Portugal National - 1st - shape
Nac 2007 Netherlands - 3rd - figure - C








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